Dry Suit Repairs

Dry Suit Repairs & Alterations Price List***                                                  
Pressure Test £58
Cleaning (If Required) £60
Fix Leak £58.00
Hood Attached £88.00
Variable Valves (inflation & exhaust dump) £82.00
Cuff Dump £58.00
Blank Off Valve (includes badge) £62.00
Reposition Valve (with reinforcement circle or rubber backing pad) £62.00
Re-Seat Valve £48.00
Neck Seal (neoprene or latex) £68.00
Wrist Seals (neoprene or latex) £68.00
Pockets (arm & leg pockets available) £82.00
Stainless Steel D-Ring & Patch £49.00
Reflective Strips £55.00
Rear Entry BDM Metal Medium Duty Zip £172.00
Front Entry BDM Metal Medium Duty Zip £208.00
Rear Entry BDM Metal Heavy Duty Zip £192.00
BDM Metal Medium Duty Fly Zip £138.00
Kevlar® Elbow, Knee or Seat Pads £78.00
Socks (neoprene or latex) £68.00
Safety, Wellington, Quattro® or PVC Boots £138.00
Dacor or Dive 10 Boots £128.00
Internal Braces (includes 4x patches) £88.00
Please note: Any suits not collected within one month from customer being contacted about collection may be subject to storage fees.
What does the Repairs price list include?
Our fees include the supply of a single repair part or item (unless otherwise marked), the removal of old items/ parts and the fitting of the new item. *** Price correct at time of posting 


Important Note!
All item(s) (including suits) must be returned in a clean and dry condition. They must be free from mud, dirt and contaminates. We reserve the right to refuse to process items that don't meet these criteria. If a dirty suit is sent to us, we'll either return the item(s) to you immediately or we'll charge you a cleaning fee. This is to ensure the health and safety of our team when handling your returned item(s). This warning doesn't affect your statutory rights.