The SSI Open Water Referral allows you to split your Open Water Diver training between two centres. This allows you to complete the four open water dives at a SSI Centre of your choice. If you tell us your destination, we will help you find a Centre. The benefit is you do not spend your whole holiday studying and will have more time to dive!


Think of the globally recognised SSI Open Water Referral as the key that opens a door to a world of adventure and fun. Our promise - we work with you as an individual to ensure you have the skills and experience required to be comfortable underwater.

When you are ready to begin there are several steps to completing the Open Water Referral Course


  • Home study
  • Three online academic workshops 
  • Online planning workshop
  • Exam
  • 1:1 progression meetings
  • Four confined/pool training sessions

Your Open Water Instructor will work with you at every step to develop the skills and knowledge that you need. We are available for your questions at any time during your course and not just in class. You can call, email


The confined/pool sessions are structured to build the skills and experience that you need to be an Open Water Diver. We have plenty of practice time so you can gain comfort through repetition of the key skills you are learning. You are provided with feedback to help you develop further.

What your Open Diver Course includes: -

  • Digital Manual
  • Online Open Water Referral Certification 
  • Instructor time
  • Confined water/Pool time 
  • Equipment hire (NOT Mask & Snorkel)
  • Scuba Active Lifetime support pledge

We want you to get the most from your experience, so our maximum class size is 2:1. If you prefer, we do offer a 1:1 option on all our training courses, just ask for full details. 


Cost £400 (Discount available for groups)



  • Minimum Age 10
  • Academic Sessions Online
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions 3