Do you want to learn to dive but there are constraints on your time? 


Do you have children who want to dive but you are not a diver?


The answer is the SSI Scuba Diver Course. This entry level scuba diving course provides you with the experience and training needed to enjoy scuba diving in open water environments under the supervision of a dive professional. Whilst you are diving, under supervision, you are building confidence and experience and enjoying the amazing underwater world. 


There are several steps to gaining the Scuba Diver Certification including


  • Home study
  • Two online academic workshops
  • Exam
  • Three confined/pool training sessions
  • Two open water dives


Your Open Water Instructor will work with you at every step to develop the skills and knowledge that you need. During your confined/pool sessions they will introduce you to the skills that you need to be a safe Scuba Diver. There is plenty of time to practice so you can gain comfort through repetition of the key skills. 


The open water dives will be conducted at Wraysbury Lakes Staines*.



What your Scuba Diver Course includes: -


  • Digital Manual
  • Online certification card (valid for life, you must dive under supervision)
  • Instructor time
  • Confined Water/Pool time
  • Equipment hire
  • Open Water Dives at Wrays Lakes Staines


We want you to get the most from your experience, so our maximum class size is 2:1. If you prefer, we do offer a 1:1 option on all our training courses, just ask for full details.  


The Scuba Diver course can be upgraded with, additional training, to the full Open Water Diver certification when you are ready and have the time to do so.  


*diving is weather and conditions dependent.

Cost: £500 (Discount available for groups)


  • Minimum age 10
  • Academic Sessions Online Classes
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions 3
  • Open Water Dives 2